Tuesday, July 9, 2019

#54 LABL Podcast - Music Publishing With Prosound Media

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Music Publisher, Theo Ellis of Prosound Media provides a great deal of insight for Songwriters, Producers, or anyone interested in stepping foot into the music business. The following topics are covered. Loaded episode. 

+ studying at Specs Howard for tv and radio 
+ The backstory on his label, Detroit Digital 
+ His company Prosound Media/SILLE Publishing that is “Empowering Musicians Everywhere”. 
+ Clearing samples and compulsory licenses 
+ The importance of Songwriters being educated about music publishing 
+ Secured sync placements via SILLE Publishing 
+ Sync licensing, why it can be a life changing revenue stream for artists 
+ How Independent Songwriters can properly benefit from streaming

Nametag Alexander - “Work. Win. Repeat.” feat. Junii (prod. by Black Bethoven) 
Junii - “Junii’s Joint” (prod. by [Ra])
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Friday, June 28, 2019

Ep.53: LABL Podcast - “Return Of The Bearded Gawd” (JR Swiftz)

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It’s the return of the Bearded Gawd. Brooklyn bred Producer, JR Swiftz makes his second appearance (see episode 2). A lot has went on in his career as a music Producer since he was first featured on the show. 
Some topics covered: 
  • working with Westside Gunn, Conway, and Elzhi 
  • Getting the Pete Rock stamp of approval 
  • the sampling issue in Hip Hop 
  • power of connecting through social media and more. 
Check out, then buy the B Dot x JR Swiftz project titled “Coming Forth By Day” available now on all digital music service providers. 

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

LABL Podcast: Ep. 52 - “2013” (feat. Art Dealer Dean)

Nametag talks with recurring guest, Art Dealer Dean about how, a select number of albums released in 2013 significantly impacted how Artists release music today.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

LABL Podcast, Ep. 51 - "MIHAJLO" feat. Valid


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Intro/Outro music: 
Nametag Alexander & NAMELESS - "Let Me Live"
Nametag chops it up with another one of Detroit city's most hardest working Emcees, Valid. Besides diving into speaking about Valid's latest album release, "MIHAJLO" they discuss, his strong grassroots level approach as an independent artist. They get into the importance of planning and execution for music releases, being against pay for play, and Valid gave a dope analysis on why it's difficult to label newer albums as classics.

"MIHAJLO" is out now across all platforms to buy and stream music.
Throw your headphones/earbuds on, or adjust your speakers in your car/truck and listen for a good 30 minutes or so!
@Valid313 across all main social media platforms.