Friday, June 7, 2019

LABL Podcast, Ep. 51 - "MIHAJLO" feat. Valid


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Intro/Outro music: 
Nametag Alexander & NAMELESS - "Let Me Live"
Nametag chops it up with another one of Detroit city's most hardest working Emcees, Valid. Besides diving into speaking about Valid's latest album release, "MIHAJLO" they discuss, his strong grassroots level approach as an independent artist. They get into the importance of planning and execution for music releases, being against pay for play, and Valid gave a dope analysis on why it's difficult to label newer albums as classics.

"MIHAJLO" is out now across all platforms to buy and stream music.
Throw your headphones/earbuds on, or adjust your speakers in your car/truck and listen for a good 30 minutes or so!
@Valid313 across all main social media platforms.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Nametag Alexander - “Work. Win. Repeat.” feat. Junii (prod. by Black Bethoven)

Nametag Alexander brings special instructions for Summer 2019 with his latest single “Work. Win. Repeat.” featuring Junii of the hip-hop duo Better In Black. Nametag paces the song over the Black Bethoven production with contemplative bars and internal rhymes while the assisting MC/Producer takes a rapid fire approach to the order of the day. The outcome is equal parts hood mantra and hustler commandment.  Listen to “Work. Win. Repeat.” on this site exclusively, also where you can purchase official Work. Win. Repeat merchandise (click HERE for merch) and stream Nametag Alexander’s latest release Hello Victory

Press Release by: Art.Dealer.Dean
Cover Art by: Nametag Alexander 

Available on all major streaming platforms 6.3.19

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ep. 50: LABL Podcast - “...but what about TIDAL?” (feat. Art.Dealer.Dean)

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Intro/Outro music: 
Nametag Alexander 

Jay Z released his back catalog to iTunes after years of using his 14 album career as the premier feature of Tidal in addition to lossless sound. What does this mean for Mr. Carter and the Swedish founded streaming platform he acquired in 2015? Recurring special guest of the LABL Podcast, Art.Dealer.Dean makes some wild predictions about what this could mean for the best rapper alive, Tidal, and maybe even Roc Nation. 

Other topics covered: 

  • Urban Podcast Month event recap 
  • local artist approachability 
  • leaning into your purpose 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

LABL Podcast - Ep. 49 ‘Voice Messages & Podcast Mixers’


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+ New single coming soon from Nametag that’ll be streamed exclusively at

Live Podcast Mixer for Urban Podcast Month will be May 26th at Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit, MI. Ticket prices/Door fees, and more details on flyer. Click the IG link for more details

+ Listeners of this podcast can now record and submit up to a minute of voice message audio to be featured on the show. Click the link in the description/show’s notes to do so. One of the upcoming episodes will be about the best remixes in Rap, so send in your voice messages saying the best Rap remixes to you.

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Song included at the end of the episode is a snippet of ‘Work Win Repeat’ by Nametag Alexander featuring Junii, prod. by Black Bethoven. Stream/download exclusively at on May 24th, or wait until its official release, which will be soon.

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