Thursday, January 17, 2019

The LABL Podcast - "Shoptalk With J And Dame" (Episode 42)


Nametag sits down with J Johnson and Dame Gone Wild of The "Shoptalk Podcast" at Shoptalk Podcast Studios. They cover the following topics:
The beginning history of Shoptalk Studios, transitioning from Rap into podcasting, high level Rap playlists, streaming being almost like car leasing for music, the future of urban Podcasting in the metro Detroit area, and more...

Shoptalk Podcast Studios

Twitter and Instagram: @JJohnson313 and @DameGoneWild @shoptalkpodcast (IG)

Twitter: @nametagalxndr @lablmusic IG: @nametagalexander @leadandbelegendary

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ep. 41: The LABL Podcast - "Nominated" (ft. DJ DDT)

Topics in this episode:
What DJ DDT is up to at the Mix Factory

  Is Mix Factory signing artists?

  What an actual A&R is supposed to do

  Was Big Sean the last Rap Artist who had true artist development?

  The purpose of industry plants

  Major record labels buying Spotify shares

  The upcoming 2019 Detroit, Underground Hip Hop Awards

  Is oversaturation in music coming from fans demanding or supply overload by the Artists?

  Songwriting workshops

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Vote "LABL Podcast" for a UHH Award 2019

The "LABL Podcast" is nominated in the category "Best Internet Outlet" for Detroit's annual "Underground Hip Hop Awards" 2019 presented by Mighty Jon Ent. and Detroit Rap. Voting ends, December 8th. Click HERE to scroll and place your vote. The process is very quick.

*sidebar* If the screen blinks as the color grey, then your vote went through. At least that's how it looked on mobile devices.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Episode 40: The LABL Podcast - "Live Life UnCHELLtered"


Nametag chops it up for a long overdue talk with friend and Detroit Vocalist/Songwriter, Chell. They discuss Chell's journey from being in music to now also being a school teacher, dealing with the toll life can take on an artist, millennials pushing so hard for validation via the pressures of social media, and more. That's only the surface. A lot was unpacked in this discussion. Tune in and share this with others. Thanks.