Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The LABL Podcast - Playlist Culture & Algorithms (feat. Dean Garcia)

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Intro music: “Let Me Live” prod. by Nameless (@_Nameless)

Nametag Alexander and Dean Garcia, discuss the rise of Playlists on music streaming platforms. Can a playlist impact a music fan the same as a good album? Will single releases, and playlists eventually replace albums? They also talk about possible ways Facebook users could manipulate algorithms, and more.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

#30 The LABL Podcast - Nicole Churchill (@AssembleSound)

Intro music: “Let Me Live” prod. by @_Nameless

If you’re an independent Songwriter and/or Music Producer, then episode 30 of The #LABLpodcast is for you. We have special guest, Nicole Churchill, a Music Supervisor with Assemble Sound in Detroit, MI. Here are some of the topics covered below...

+ Creating an industry around musical talent in Detroit, and building a music supervision scene in the city
+ The foundation of Assemble Sound
+ Defining middle class musicians
+ Process of submitting music for tv, film, etc.
+ Different types of sync licensing deals



Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hood Illustrated - Podcast Edition

The “Lead And Be Legendary” a.k.a LABL Podcast is featured in the podcast edition of “Hood Illustrated” magazine amongst good company of fellow podcasters. Take a look.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

#29 Lead And Be Legendary Podcast - @CurvGotti (#FrmScrtch)

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For the 29th episode, Nametag chops it up with fellow Podcaster, Marcus Sumrall a.k.a Curv Gotti of the#FRMSCRTCH Podcast. They discuss the early beginnings of #FRMSCRTCH and why a hiatus was taken from the show, the future of urban podcasting, Hip Hop in 2018 and much more.

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