Tuesday, September 3, 2019

LABL RADIO - "For The '99" (Mix #1)


Listen to your favorite mixshow hosts, DJ DDT and Nametag Alexander as they meet up for LABL Radio. Tune in for some of the best blends of Rap and/or R&B that’ll be the soundtrack to your day and night.

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

#56 LABL Podcast - “Teach What I Know” (feat. Antea Birchett )


Intro music: Nametag Alexander - “The Greatest” (prod. by Black Bethoven)

Outro music: Nametag Alexander - “Know Bodiez” (prod. by Nameless)

You’ve more than likely heard an artist who’s sung a song written and licensed by Antea Birchett. Antea is one half of the duo Aplus. With her sister Anesha, Antea has written for artists such as BeyoncĂ©, Mary J. Blige, H.E.R, Teyana Taylor, and more of your favorites. Aplus are also artists in their own right.

Some of the topics covered:

  •  Mercury Retrograde and its impact on those of us aware, and unaware

  •  Attending Wayne State University (Detroit) on a full scholarship where she focused on vocal training and opera

  • Signing to Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins with her sister, Anesha as Songwriters in 2005

  •  The experience writing for BeyoncĂ© on the “B-Day” album

  •  Writing for Mary J. Blige, Justin Bieber, H.E.R, Teyana Taylor, Ciara, and more.

  •  The “Teach What I Know” music company for Songwriters

  • Antea’s top 5 influential R&B artists, and top 5 songwriters 

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Episode executive production credit: Dean Garcia

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

#55 LABL Podcast - “Work Life Balance & The Music-preneur Mindset” (ft. Suzanne Paulinski)


Nametag shares a phone call with Suzanne Paulinski of “The Rock Star Advocate”, she is a mindset coach for music-preneurs, helping them reach their goals with custom time management solutions that enable them to gain clarity on their next steps while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Some Of The Topics Covered:

  • Suzanne’s history of starting as an Intern gaining knowledge while at Atlantic Records
  • Starting her own independent label
  • Ways to maintain a work life balance and why most music-preneurs battle doing so
  • Being against sleep shaming
  • Getting her Masters In Psychology and how it eventually gave Suzanne the spark to become a Mindset Coach for Musicians

Intro music:

Nametag Alexander - “Work. Win. Repeat.” feat. Junii (prod. by Black Bethoven)

Outro music:

Nametag Alexander - “Know Bodiez” (Freestyle) (Prod. By @_Nameless)

Find more on Suzanne Paulinski at:

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

#54 LABL Podcast - Music Publishing With Prosound Media

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Music Publisher, Theo Ellis of Prosound Media provides a great deal of insight for Songwriters, Producers, or anyone interested in stepping foot into the music business. The following topics are covered. Loaded episode. 

+ studying at Specs Howard for tv and radio 
+ The backstory on his label, Detroit Digital 
+ His company Prosound Media/SILLE Publishing that is “Empowering Musicians Everywhere”. 
+ Clearing samples and compulsory licenses 
+ The importance of Songwriters being educated about music publishing 
+ Secured sync placements via SILLE Publishing 
+ Sync licensing, why it can be a life changing revenue stream for artists 
+ How Independent Songwriters can properly benefit from streaming

Nametag Alexander - “Work. Win. Repeat.” feat. Junii (prod. by Black Bethoven) 
Junii - “Junii’s Joint” (prod. by [Ra])
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