Tuesday, July 9, 2019

#54 LABL Podcast - Music Publishing With Prosound Media

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Music Publisher, Theo Ellis of Prosound Media provides a great deal of insight for Songwriters, Producers, or anyone interested in stepping foot into the music business. The following topics are covered. Loaded episode. 

+ studying at Specs Howard for tv and radio 
+ The backstory on his label, Detroit Digital 
+ His company Prosound Media/SILLE Publishing that is “Empowering Musicians Everywhere”. 
+ Clearing samples and compulsory licenses 
+ The importance of Songwriters being educated about music publishing 
+ Secured sync placements via SILLE Publishing 
+ Sync licensing, why it can be a life changing revenue stream for artists 
+ How Independent Songwriters can properly benefit from streaming

Nametag Alexander - “Work. Win. Repeat.” feat. Junii (prod. by Black Bethoven) 
Junii - “Junii’s Joint” (prod. by [Ra])
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