Wednesday, May 6, 2020

LABL Q&A With "A-Minus"

Detroit MC and Middle Finger Music affiliate, A-Minus sets off the first installment of the LABL Q&A series. Check out the video below, for A-Minus' single "Uncut" featuring Nolan The Ninja.

Questions provided by Nametag Alexander

N: If you had the opportunity to build, and run a record label with millions in the budget, who’d be the first, five artists you sign?

A: My 3 brothers, so we could be on some Griselda shit. My bro Nolan & Bubba Rock.

N: What three producers would you have on board, and why for each of your picks?

A: Foul Mouth, because he knows my sound and what fits my voice. 5ynot, just like Foul he knows my range. Then Nolan because of our chemistry also.

N: What’s the dopest pair of sneakers you own? 

A: My Nike ID Huarache. Because I designed them myself.

N: What’s the best pair of Air Jordans to ever be released to you? 

A: Jordan 3s. Because they came out the year I was born. '88.

N: Number one classic Rap album?

A: So many, let's say "Illmatic."

N: Backstory: How does A-Minus find his way onto the Detroit Hip Hop scene?

A: Chavis Chandler inviting me to BCK freestyle Cyphers shows in 09 and the rest was history.

N: List of five emcees overall you want(ed) to collaborate with that you haven’t yet.

A: Freddie Gibbs, Nipsey Hussle, RoyceDa5'9, Roc Marciano & Willie The Kid

N: Tell us why we need to check out, and share online, your recent video/single release “Uncut”?

A: Cuz it's high quality HIP-HOP. Raw beats & raw lyrics. That's what the real want.

N: What ventures are you looking to tap into or already tapped into outside of emceeing?

A: Nothing yet. More so focus on my craft. Been working on my current project for almost 2 years now.
N: Where can we find you online, as far as the music platforms and social media?
A:  @a_minus313 on IG & Twitter. Music available on all streaming platforms. 36Os the album coming soon. Thank you Tag🤞🏾 

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